About Us

Table 35 brings a new level of dining to the island.  A perfect combination of spectacular food and unique ambiance has our guests fast becoming regulars.  Table 35 is sophisticated, yet warm and comfortable.  Our guests appreciate all the effort that went into every detail of our design.


Customer Service:

At Table 35, we take pride in providing our guests with the highest standard of customer service.  We strongly believe that great food is not enough.  Our guests should be catered to and treated as if each evening is a special occasion. We aim to provide both fabulous food AND spectacular service.

Culinary Team:
Christopher Aguon, Checha Perez, Sara Pleadwell, Roger, Dennis, Vinny Mac,Joe Boboy, Jay Palau, Laruso, Marcus, Joe McCarrel, Brenta, Jase Mase, Connie